Limited Edition BabyGAP line and Peter Rabbit take over The Grove in Los Angeles!

Limited Edition BabyGAP line and Peter Rabbit take over The Grove in Los Angeles!


BabyGAP launched the Peter Rabbit collection at The Grove in Los Angeles this past Saturday. The event included a bunny petting zoo, kids crafts, live music, a Peter Rabbit mascot, and actress Elizabeth Banks reading the story to the attendees.

The event took place right outside the GAP store with many visitors of the Grove catching sight of the big event. This program stood out because of the location and publicity. It was in an outside area of the mall where many visitors were able to see it. It was kid oriented and therefore attracted many moms over to the scene in order to get their picture taken with Peter Rabbit.

By being the mascot, I heard many people mention that they were going to use the pictures they took for Easter cards as well as put them on Facebook. The background for the pictures featured the Peter Rabbit and BabyGAP name and is likely to be spread and seen through social media as well. By having Elizabeth Banks read the Peter Rabbit story also brought more people and publicity into the promotion. While being inside the Peter Rabbit suit, I heard one person say “I can’t wait to use this picture for our Easter cards”. Visitors took away the knowledge of what the BabyGAP line was about. Peter Rabbit is a cute, timeless character that fills the hearts of people of all ages. I feel that it was a good character fit for their limited-edition line. I heard one woman say while she was greeting Peter Rabbit, “This is such a fun event for the kids, these clothes are adorable!”

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