PowerBar – Xterra Triathalon – Snow Valley, CA

PowerBar – Xterra Triathalon – Snow Valley, CA

Brand Ambassador: Lucas M.
Event Location: Snow Valley, CA

Quickly describe the activation. Where was it taking place? Was it part of a larger event (Ex. Super Bowl)? Who attended the event?

PowerBar is a nutrition product sponsor of many running and cycling events around the country. The event was a triathlon and it took place in Snow Valley, CA. Competing athletes and sport enthusiasts attended the event.

How did the brand ambassador team help or enhance the overall experience for event visitors?

The team was available with the necessary nutrition for the athletes. There was a table with PowerBar product samples for the visitors to try and the brand ambassador moved around with samples in a bag to the spots where athletes may have needed the nutrition while competing.

What did the event visitors learn from the experience after having spent time at the activation?

The visitors learned about what nutrition is best to consume before, during and after training. They also learned about PowerBar’s glucose to fructose ratio blend when it comes to energy during training. Other things they learned about were protein sources used for recovery bars and key product ingredients.

What elements of the event experience caused visitors to be initially interested in the activation?

Since PowerBar was a sponsor at the event, the event was outfitted with PowerBar snow fencing and banners. There was a table with several different PowerBar product samples for all visitors to try.

What did the presenting brand gain or learn from having a presence at the event?

By being present at the triathlon, PowerBar gained attention from competitive athletes by providing them with the sports nutrition that they need before and after training. This allows the athlete to try the product in a real world situation. By providing the nutrition to athletes when its needed, PowerBar was able to get instant consumer feedback.

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