Blu E-Cigs – Vapor Lounge – Bonnaroo Music Festival

Brand Ambassador: Paige S
Event Location: Bonnaroo

Quickly describe the activation. Where was it taking place? Was it part of a larger event (Ex. Super Bowl)? Who attended the event?

The Vapor Lounge was provided by Blu E-Cigs at Bonnaroo attended by thousands of people worldwide.

How did the brand ambassador team help or enhance the overall experience for event visitors?

We enhanced the experience for visitors by providing them an air conditioned tent where they could have their photos taken and sent to their email or phone by text.

What did the event visitors learn from the experience after having spent time at the activation?

They learned that our tent was air conditioned, provided free charging station, free E-Cigs, and special guest band appearances.

What elements of the event experience caused visitors to be initially interested in the activation?

Visitors were initially interested in the activation because we looked like a night club with lines out the door and word spread quick that we had A/C in the middle of a farm!

What did the presenting brand gain or learn from having a presence at the event?

The brand gained so much from being here at Bonnaroo.  Word spread quick about bands performing in an intimate space with A/C.

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