Budweiser Made in America Tour – Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN

Budweiser Made in America Tour – Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN

Brand Ambassador: Paige S
Event Location: Nashville

Quickly describe the activation. Where was it taking place? Was it part of a larger event (Ex. Super Bowl)? Who attended the event?

Budweiser – Made in America Tour stopped again in Nashville at Marathon Music Works.  We were lucky to have some great music, fantastic food and a fun crowd attend.

How did the brand ambassador team help or enhance the overall experience for event visitors?

I was the manager for my team for this event. It was great! My girls were in charge of taking photos with people in the crowd.  I managed them and my duty was to inform people about what the artist was painting and her background info.  Myself and the girls I managed definitely enhanced overall experience for event visitors since everyone wanted their picture taken so they could post it on social media.

What did the event visitors learn from the experience after having spent time at the activation?

Visitors learned how they can share their photos, hashtags, and Live Tweet after visiting activation.

What elements of the event experience caused visitors to be initially interested in the activation?

Visitors got to go to a free concert that provided free food and Budweiser AND get their photos taken.

What did the presenting brand gain or learn from having a presence at the event?

Budweiser set this whole wonderful tour up and everyone was singing their praises for doing such fun events for the community, for Free!

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