Maxim – Hot 100 Party – Los Angeles, CA

Maxim – Hot 100 Party – Los Angeles, CA

Brand Ambassador: Annelise J
Event Location: Maxim Hot 100 Party Los Angeles

Quickly describe the activation. Where was it taking place? Was it part of a larger event (Ex. Super Bowl)? Who attended the event?

I worked at the Maxim Hot 100 party at a club in Hollywood. Where some of the biggest celebs were in attendance! Miley Cyrus who was #1 on Maxim List was there/

How did the brand ambassador team help or enhance the overall experience for event visitors?

Miley Cyrus who was #1 on Maxim Hot List was there and we were able to get her to wear the headphones & excite the crowd. Also certain people got free headphones & they were super excited to try them! We had fun scenes set up where the crowd could try on the headphones & sit for a little bit.

What did the event visitors learn from the experience after having spent time at the activation?

The learned that the Sony Headphones were better then the Dre Beats that are widely popular.

What elements of the event experience caused visitors to be initially interested in the activation?

Certain people getting free headphones really brought the people in! It also helped to have girls in cute outfits.

What did the presenting brand gain or learn from having a presence at the event?

The celebs who got free headphones will hopefully wear them around town & other people will see them in it & want to buy them! They learned some celebs can be very high maintenance, some D-list celebs who didn’t get headphones became very upset!

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