Toyota – Outside Lands Music Festival – San Francisco, CA

Brand Ambassador: Melissa W
Event Location: San Francisco

Quickly describe the activation. Where was it taking place? Was it part of a lrger event (Ex. Super Bowl)? Who attended the event?

Toyota set up a big lounge/tent at the popular concert/festival Outside lands. OSL is a huge music festival catering to the SF bay area, located in the beautiful Golden Gate Park. Everyone from all over the country and even from different countries came to this event.

How did the brand ambassador team help or enhance the overall experience for event visitors?

The BA team was a big part of the Toyota promotion, the whole tent was called the ‘Hybrid House Party,’ and each BA served as an important role to make this ‘party’ fun, informative and safe.

What did the event visitors learn from the experience after having spent time at the activation?

Visitors of the event left with general knowledge of the new models Toyota was promoting, as well as leaving feeling a greater appreciation/admiration for the brand. Toyota and the BA team successfully created an event that definitely created a hype about Toyota that spread throughout the whole festival. The festival was 3 days long and we always had a constant flow of visitors from open to close.

What elements of the event experience caused visitors to be initially interested in the activation?

Toyota had a lot of fun activities and free giveaways that got the general crowd interested, from customized screen printed OSL totes, to a crazy hair station and a rap/MC mixer. Toyota also thought practically and provided a phone charging station their new car model as well as passing out free hand warmers when it got chilly. The BAs helped to engage visitors with these activities and helped build a good vibe with the brand. I saw a lot of visitors returning with friends and talking to the BAs again.

What did the presenting brand gain or learn from having a presence at the event?

Toyota got to see the outcome of a well organized team that could relate and bring in visitors with contagious excitement and enthusiasm, with added professionalism and knowledge. Our BAs being prompt, diverse and flexible really helped the whole event flow wonderfully with no set backs. An event is already so hard to predict with some many unforeseen problems, BAs are there not to add to any problems but help resolve them and I think Toyota really saw what a help we all were.

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